Building Records is a recording studio in Marlboro NY, housed in a converted church that was once the original site of music venue The Falcon.

In 2013, the space took on new life as Building Records, a recording studio operated by musicians Lee Falco, Brandon Morrsion and Will Bryant. The trio act as the house-band, engineers and often producers for many of the projects that come through.

In the Building, Falco (d), Morrison (b) & Bryant (k) have developed a sound as players and engineers that is unique to the studio and the region. As a unit they have toured backing Donald Fagen & Nightflyer’s, Kate Pierson, Bill Payne, Connor Kennedy, Jay Collins, and many others. In the Building they have made records for Kyle Miller, Lorkin O’Reilly, Robert Sarazin Blake, Willa Vincitore, Jacob Bernz and many more.

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